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Xbox Elite Controllers Have A Hidden Feature Nobody Knew About


Xbox Elite Controllers Have A Hidden Feature Nobody Knew About

To the amazement of almost everyone in the Xbox community, the Elite series of controllers have a cool feature that no one had stumbled across until now.


My heart goes out to the developer who thought this would set the world alight and hasn't seen any sort of recognition of the addition since it was cobbled into the controller. Better late than never, I suppose. I hope the countless shocked and surprised reactions from Reddit users is enough compensation.

So, the logo in the centre of the shell lights up. That's common knowledge for people who play on an Xbox. However, if you connect your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller to Steam to use for a PC title, you'll be able to customise some elements like rumble.

It will also offer a fun slider to change the colour of the light shining out of the controller. On the PlayStation 4's DualShock or PlayStation 5's DualSense, these are shown on the light bar on the underside of the shell or through the touchpad on the front. It's a little moot to play with the colour slider for an Xbox controller, because it doesn't have a customisable light...


Oh, my good gravy. It does. Actually.

While we permit this revelation the appropriate level of pause for its absolute grandeur, let's check out the trailer for the Xbox mini fridge below!



Yeah, yeah. Some of you might be unimpressed with the colour changing light, to which I tell you, you must be a real hoot at parties. Turn that frown upside down and delight in the glorious rainbow. It's what your primordial lizard brain would want.


"Holy guacamole! Now I can have some more RGB with my RGB!" said MudMountain64 on Reddit. There are a handful of caveats to this nifty little feature, though. Number one is that players are reporting that Bluetooth connections won't allow the controller to communicate with Steam's colour slider.

Number two is that it's not a feature on the console at the moment and only works on your PC. Fingers crossed that a patch ensures that this comes to the actual Xbox Series X in some capacity, perhaps in the way that the DualSense reacts to events in the game by changing its colour automatically to reflect the player's health.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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Imogen Donovan
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