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Original Xbox Dashboard Has A 20-Year-Old Secret That's Only Just Been Found


Original Xbox Dashboard Has A 20-Year-Old Secret That's Only Just Been Found

Xbox fans are having their minds blown by a hitherto-undiscovered secret that Microsoft hid on the original dashboard, nearly 20 years ago.


For close to two decades, this Easter egg has been tucked away on the classic console. It may have remained a secret to everyone, had one of the Xbox's original developers not recently set Kotaku a tip about what it was and how to trigger it. I guess they just got tired of waiting for someone to stumble on it organically.

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Kotaku dusted off an old Xbox and tested out the secret for itself, confirming that it's the real deal. So what is it, exactly? As it turns out, if you follow a convoluted set of steps, you can activate a credits scene listing those who worked on the original Xbox Dashboard!

To see it, you'll need to whip out your OG Xbox, assuming you have one. From there, you head to "Music" and insert and audio CD, again, assuming you have any of those still lying around. On the Audio CD screen, you select "Copy", followed by "Copy" a second time, and hit "New Soundtrack". You'll be asked to rename the soundtrack title. You'll need it to name it "Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"with exactly that number of Ys (26) and the exclamation mark.

Amazingly, there's still more to be done. Once the console has copied the tracks, you head back to the main menu of the dashboard and hit "Settings", followed by "System Info". A new listing is now available, and contains four members that were a part of the "Xbox Dashboard Team". Got all that?


This is, of course, a completely batcrap wild process just to see some credits, but the Xbox Dashboard is still slick af, so it's cool to see it and the people who made it finally getting a little more love. One thing is for sure: nobody would ever have figured this one out on their own.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

Topics: Xbox, News, Microsoft

Ewan Moore
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