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A New Xbox Series Model Reportedly Planned To Release Next Year


A New Xbox Series Model Reportedly Planned To Release Next Year

A recent report claims that Microsoft is considering the release of a new Xbox Series console in 2022 in order to ramp up its profits in the new generation of hardware.


It could be argued that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S represent the company's ethos when it comes to gaming. The former is the most powerful console on the market, flaunting an incredible 12 teraflops of graphical processing power as well as a one terabyte custom NVME solid state drive. This combination ensures the console is as zippy as can be with Velocity Architecture that enables players to switch back and forth between as many as seven ongoing games.

The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is not loaded with the same technical specifications as its big brother. However, it's still an enviable machine which gets you into the game within seconds. At a lower price point, this is a great way for people who want to dip their toes into the hobby yet aren't too interested in the nitty-gritty of gaming to get started.

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It's an intriguing approach to courting the next generation of gamers from Microsoft - offering a hefty chunker and a slimmer digital edition for two different crowds. Therefore, it's rather curious to consider that it might be refreshing both models of the Xbox Series by 2023. This tidbit comes from Moore's Law is Dead, a YouTube channel that focuses on in-depth commentary and analysis of the latest technology.


It has heard that Microsoft is aiming to release a "higher spec Xbox Series S SKU" that would be 50% faster than its predecessor thanks to the integration of 6nm technology and a better AMD Zen APU. Ergo, the improved Xbox Series S would be about $350 when it launches in late 2022, causing the previous Xbox Series S to dip to $189 from $249. Be that as it may, Microsoft would still be generating a sizeable profit due to the sales of both models simultaneously.

Moore's Law is Dead also alleges that Microsoft is planning a refresh for the Xbox Series X in 2023. The details of that change are, of course, light on the ground. But it is an interesting insight if it is verifiable especially seeing as rumours of a PlayStation 5 Pro are swirling right now.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman via Unsplash, Lucy via Pexels

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