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Download The OG Xbox Dashboard On Series X/S Right Now For Free Nostalgia

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Download The OG Xbox Dashboard On Series X/S Right Now For Free Nostalgia

Xbox users are able to switch the dashboard display on their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to the original one for the Xbox released all those years ago, and it is tugging at the heartstrings of fans.


The design of the Xbox Series X was subject to some ribbing before we were all accustomed to its daringly blocky shape. However, this isn't out of the ordinary for Microsoft - remember the Duke controller released for the original Xbox in 2001? Its predecessor was the Dakota Pad, so named for the enormous green circle in the centre of the chunk of plastic that was approximately the size of both North and South Dakota (this is not true, I just thought it would be a good joke). Though the Dakota Pad was replaced by the Duke and the Duke was replaced by the Xbox Controller S, you're actually able to find Duke controllers for your PC or Xbox One out there. Thanks to a collaboration between the creator and Hyperkin, they're on Amazon in a variety of colours. Who'd have thunk it, in 2021.

Late last year, we got a chance to chat to Aaron Greenberg about the future of the console, shortly after the launch of the next generation. Check it out below.



So, in spite of this incessant rush towards the next evolution in gaming, there is a crowd that have a hankering for retro bits and bobs that highlight the humble origins of the console. "The Original," which is the title of the background, harkens back to the glowy green nebula of the first iteration of the Xbox. Nestled in and amongst the slick user interface of the Xbox Series X, it looks right at home and now that it's unlocked for all Xbox users, it'll definitely become a fan favourite. "I will be using this for my Series X forever," stated @Flamesof24 emphatically. Others are thrilled with the background and are now asking that the "blades" dashboard for the Xbox 360 return too. Fingers crossed Phil Spencer reads those replies.

If you want to use it for your own Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, then you need to select Settings, then General, then Personalisation. Scroll 'til you see My Background, and Dynamic Backgrounds are towards the bottom. Select "The Original," head back to the home screen, and there you have it. That luminous green orb in all its glory.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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