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Xbox Consoles Can Now Play Nintendo 64 And PlayStation Games


Xbox Consoles Can Now Play Nintendo 64 And PlayStation Games

Microsoft has managed to get classic Nintendo 64 and OG PlayStation games on the Xbox Series X/S. This is especially incredible when you consider that Nintendo and Sony still haven't put the vast majority of these platforms' back catalogues onto Switch or PlayStation 5.


To be fair, it's not as if Microsoft did this on purpose. While you can technically play N64 and PlayStation games on an Xbox Series X/S now, it's all super unofficial and probably actually a little bit illegal.

Before we move on, take a look at some of the N64 games that are coming to Switch next month. Xbox still managed it first though.



So how, exactly, is this possible? As explained by popular YouTuber MVG (via Pure Xbox), Microsoft recently updated the Xbox's Edge web browser in a big way. The upshot of this is that gamers can now visit certain emulation sites to play through games from the PS1, N64, SNES, Mega Drive, and other classic consoles. You can also use it to access Google Stadia and stream games, if you really want to.

MVG showed off a couple of games running via the browser, and it all seems to work remarkably well. Controller support is seamless and even the slickest games like F-Zero and Tekken 3 run at full speed.

The big catch is that this is definitely not legal, so I can't advise you try it out (I also can't stop you if you do - I'm literally just words to you). Because there's no way of downloading or uploading games that you legally own, you'll have to play on sites that are already hosting the games you want to play. We won't be sharing those here, what with the whole legal issue we just mentioned a few seconds ago.


If you want to play classic games legally, the good news is that a ton of beloved N64 titles are headed to Nintendo Switch Online next month. It's still incredible that Microsoft accidentally beat Nintendo to it, though.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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Ewan Moore
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