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YouTuber Apologises After Sexist Rant Goes Viral

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YouTuber Apologises After Sexist Rant Goes Viral

As the saying goes “The internet never forgets”, which is precisely why you have to be careful about exactly what you put online. 


This task is easier though, when you aren’t the type of person who goes on a two minute long sexist rant, because you did badly at a video game. If you are that type of person, you might find that footage of you going on such a rant might just rise to the surface of social media, even months after you went on such a tangent. This is what happened to YouTuber IShowSpeed, who got more than a little upset when he lost a 1v1 shoot out in a match of Valorant.

If you’re a fan of Valorant then check out the cinematic trailer from the multiplayer shooter below.



This isn’t the first time the FPS player, with almost seven million subscribers on the video platform, has been in trouble for sexism. As reported by Dexerto, IShowSpeed was permanently banned from Twitch near the end of last year, for “sexual coercion and intimidation”, after he made comments to another creator about how he could sexually assault her.

In the clip which recently went viral, IShowSpeed repeatedly screamed incredulously “Is a female talking to me?” after a woman on his team tried to give him advice. He goes on swearing at her, using sexist insults and telling her to “shut up.” In response to the video surfacing, Riot banned him from all of its games including Valorant.

Riot producer Sara Dadafshar tweeted “This is a huge yikes and we do not want players like this in our community at all. I went ahead and perma banned this player from Valorant, as well as all other Riot Games. Thanks for raising this. Please keep raising stuff like this and reporting so we can make Valorant safer.” While IShowSpeed is currently still active on YouTube, the global head of gaming creators for the platform Lester Chen tweeted that he is “on it”.


Warning: The following video contains extreme sexist and racist language.

IShowSpeed tweeted out a video as an apology saying “I’m not trying to justify. I’m completely wrong in that situation right there. I’m young. Every situation I grow and I change. That is not me no more. I apologise.” Despite this there are clips shown in the comments from as recently as a few days ago with similar sexist rants.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / IShowSpeed

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Georgina Young
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