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'Battlefield 2042' Is Making Some Major Gameplay Changes Following The Rough Beta

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'Battlefield 2042' Is Making Some Major Gameplay Changes Following The Rough Beta

Battlefield 2042’s open beta recently came to a close, and it’s fair to say that it didn’t exactly go down smooth. Players complained of all sorts of issues, ranging from matchmaking problems and severe lag to a range of visual and gameplay glitches. 


Not good, all in all - but finding out what’s wrong with a game and how it can be improved is very much the entire point of a beta! That’s why it’s great to see that developer DICE and publisher EA have shared an update with the Battlefield community, revealing exactly what it learned from the beta and what it intends to fix. 

Take a look at the game in action below!



In a lengthy blog post, EA went into great detail about the player feedback it’s taken on board. Interestingly, it off by offering a direct response to previous reports that the Battlefield 2042 beta used a build of the game taken from mid to late September. Given the beta’s rough state, many were concerned by these claims, especially since the game is slated to launch next month. However, EA insists the build was from August and that many of the more glaring issues have already been resolved. 

The post then goes into everything it’s tweaking, and there’s a lot. The game’s ping system is being overhauled to allow much more streamlined communication between teammates, something Battlefield 2042 players complained about a fair bit. The plus menu will also be more responsive and allow for quicker attachment switching, while loadouts will be fully customisable. 

Other key changes include a grenade indicator, more tanks on Orbital (for new-gen consoles and PC), and tweaks to movement to make things feel a little more realistic and “tone down jump spamming”. 


Battlefield 2042 will no doubt be a constantly evolving game, and this list of changes certainly won’t be the last. I’d be surprised if the game launches in November completely free of issues, but if everything EA says it’s going to address gets addressed between now and launch day? Well, at least we can take comfort in knowing the long-awaited FPS won’t be anywhere near as bad as it was during the open beta. That’s something. 

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