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You Can Permanently Become Harry Potter In This Incredible ‘Dying Light 2’ Glitch

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You Can Permanently Become Harry Potter In This Incredible ‘Dying Light 2’ Glitch

Dying Light 2 has been out just about a month now, and despite being very positively received, basically everyone has already moved on to Elden Ring. So, that was fast. Not as fast as everyone dropped Horizon Forbidden West for the same reason, mind you, but still. Elden Ring is truly out for blood when it comes to blowing all the other competition out of the water. 


We already knew before it released that Dying Light 2 was going to be an enormous game. Some would say it’s even too big - it’s estimated that it’d take you around 500 hours to 100% it, which is absolutely wild. Technically, it would be physically possible for someone to have done that by now, but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Anyway, what I was going to say is that the game is, as you’d expect, absolutely packed with secrets. Some of these are also significantly more intentional than others. One which people definitely weren’t meant to find is this incredible glitch, which allows you to permanently keep and use the flying broomstick, which you’re only meant to be able to use during a little Easter egg challenge. Check out how to do it below.



Even if it requires a bit of fiddling around, you can’t deny how cool it is to be able to fly wherever you like, whenever you want. When you think about it, a working broomstick would be potentially the best tool you could have in a real life zombie apocalypse - you can’t get bitten if you’re in the air, right? Guess you could say the same about any flying device, but come on, broomsticks are definitely the cooler option.

And hey, it might be in a zombie game, but this glitch is certainly one way to channel your inner wizard and pass the time until Hogwarts Legacy releases. Currently, the game is rumoured to be releasing in September this year, and is apparently going to be open-world. So little has actually been officially confirmed about it, despite being one of the internet’s most hyped upcoming releases, so it’ll be interesting to see what it actually has to offer when the time comes. 

Featured Image Credit: Techland, Warner Bros.

Topics: Dying Light 2, Harry Potter, Techland

Catherine Lewis
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