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'5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel' Is The Horror Game We Never Knew We Needed

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'5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel' Is The Horror Game We Never Knew We Needed

Horror can take on many forms, for many people. Some people find clowns creepy, and others are scared of bellybuttons. There’s a fear for just about anything you can think of, and in turn, there’s a massive amount of spooky games out there ready to capitalise on our deep-set terrors. For fun!


Sometimes though, the stuff that devs decide is scary is a little questionable, to say the least. One indie title has been blowing up online lately for its sheer absurdity - it stars everyone’s favourite memeworthy ogre, Shrek, as the horror who’ll be showing up in any player’s nightmares after finishing the game, as silly as it may be. 

Shrek also recently starred in Elden Ring, albeit unofficially, as part of a very questionable mod - check it out below.



As reported by ScreenRant, 5 Nights at Shrek’s Hotel, despite drawing clear inspiration from a certain animatronic horror series with its name, puts a green, onion-scented twist on P.T. (an interactive teaser for the cancelled Konami game, Silent Hills). The game was made by Itch.io user RenderPi, and has gained popularity thanks to popular gaming YouTuber Caylus, who checked it out on his channel.

“You have sold your house and you have moved to a new city to live in. You have a job but you don't have enough money to buy your new house yet,” the game’s description reads. “So you decided to go to Shrek’s hotel for [five] nights so maybe you could afford the money you needed. The manager of the hotel is Shrek… but something is wrong with him.”


The whole game can be completed quite easily in one short sitting, so if you were looking to fulfil your quota of ogre-themed spooks, you can download the game here. Just keep in mind that the jump scares are very loud, and will make your screen flash quite a lot. RenderPi warns: “If you are scared of Shrek please don't play this game… but you can still buy it.” Good advice.

Recently (and as you can see in the video earlier in this article) we also saw Shrek modded into Elden Ring as a Tree Sentinel, so there’s been a real resurgence in the swamp-dwelling chap’s popularity as of late - you’d think we’d fallen back into some sort of time portal to 2014. We’re here for it, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: RenderPi via Itch.io, Caylus via YouTube

Topics: Indie Games, PC

Catherine Lewis
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