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'Elden Ring' Has Now Been Beaten In Just 12 Minutes

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'Elden Ring' Has Now Been Beaten In Just 12 Minutes

Just the simple thought of completing Elden Ring seems like an unimaginable feat, yet there are those who are making that achievement look easy peasy, lemon squeezy. FromSoftware’s latest action RPG has been a field day for soulslike fans who have found no shortage of ways to better their peers and make the rest of us feel as useless as the Longtail Cat Talisman.


Boasting both immense skill and creativity, Elden Ring players have completed no-hit/damage runs, pacifist playthroughs, and someone even bettered Ragadon and the Elden Beast using a Dance Dance Revolution dance mat. However, the most competitive style of Elden Ring playthrough is the classic speedrun - and that record has been beaten yet again.

Take a look at this perfect example of art imitating life as 'Will Smith' appears in Elden Ring, sort of.



A new net time seems to appear online everyday but there’s no denying how impressive the latest record is. Speedrunner and Twitch streamer Mitchriz recently posted an incredible 12-minute speedrun to YouTube - well 12 minutes and 32 seconds to be precise. He completed the run using an increasingly popular technique called The Zip.

The Zip sees players use out-of-bounds areas of the map. In doing so, they are automatically warped to new locations allowing them to skip large areas. The technique was first popularised in Elden Ring speedruns following streamer HazeBlade’s attempt with subsequent players one-upping the streamer.


Speaking of the feat, Mitchriz said, “[An] absolutely crazy run. The zips were clean from start to finish, even if it did take a few takes to get the ‘mega-zip’ at the end. Really happy with this run - a big improvement over our previous runs.”

Whether you class this as a speedrun or simply glitching your way to completion, there’s no denying that Mitchriz completed more in 12 minutes than the vast majority of us have to date. In the first 12 minutes, I was probably getting maliced to death so fair play.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

Topics: Elden Ring, Fromsoftware, Twitch

Kate Harrold
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