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'Battlefield 2042' Will Feature Up To 64 Bots Per Game To Pad Out Lobbies


'Battlefield 2042' Will Feature Up To 64 Bots Per Game To Pad Out Lobbies

Earlier this month, DICE explained that the upcoming Battlefield 2042 will include bots to ensure that our servers are always full so that we can keep moving and jump onto games with minimal muss (and nary a hint of fuss).


Over on EA's website, the developer spoke a little bit about how exactly bots will figure into Battlefield 2042. As I'm sure you already know, the shooter will support up to 128 players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles and PC, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will support 64 players. That's a lot of players on new-gen consoles, and waiting for 128 human players to get ready every game could end up being a pain.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 below, just in case you somehow missed it during all the E3 hype.



In an effort to sidestep that particular inconvenience, DICE will deploy bots. While we were already aware of this we now know (via a preview from The Verge) that Battlefield 2042 will unleash up to 64 bots per game in aid of making sure servers are packed and that the focus is always on the action.

While it's highly unlikely that your games will ever be 50% bots, it all comes down to your region, platform, and how many actual humans are available at the time. Given the sheer amount of hype around the latest Battlefield, I can't imagine you'll be spending that much time with non-human players regardless of where you are.

"As a multiplayer-only experience, it's important for us to let you play Battlefield 2042 when and how you want," DICE said. Not everyone is a fan of bots, but the intentions do seem good here as they work to ensure "matches remain full, no matter your location."


Bots will also factor into co-op and solo experiences. If you want (or like me, need) the practice, you can drop into maps alone or with a few friends against hordes of AI soldiers. As someone who is sucks at FPS games, that sounds as good a way as any to try and hone my skills before taking on real people.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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Ewan Moore
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