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EA Finally Drops 'Skate 4' Teaser Trailer, But The Game Is Still A Way Off


EA Finally Drops 'Skate 4' Teaser Trailer, But The Game Is Still A Way Off

You've got to respect EA's commitment to a joke. Skate 4 (or perhaps skate. as all the promo so far suggests) is still a while away - but rather than release any sort of game(play) footage, why not instead put out a video making fun of us for not being able to see what the game actually looks like? Well, that's exactly what the team at Full Circle has done.


We found out that another Skate game was on the way last year. There was a lot of hype as fans of the series shouted from the rooftops that Skate 4 was finally becoming a reality. And then, radio silence. We've heard nothing about the game since its announcement and, well, EA appears to like it that way. However, the devs did feel just a little bad about the situation, and wanted to make sure we knew that work on the title was still ongoing, so Full Circle released a teaser.

Here is that teaser, released to update us on how development is going...



The Skate 4 teaser (or just skate.) was published on Twitter and YouTube on July 19 and shows literally no gameplay, just the reactions of fans to ongoing work and some motion capture. The caption simply reads "we're working on it", to reassure us all that the developers are still toiling away.

When you listen closely to the words of the fans viewing the video there are hints to what we'll see in the final product. One of them says that the game looks beautiful and comments on a "whole open-world". Another says it reminds them of Skate 2. One fan notes that you can indeed climb to get to where you need to go, and there is a mention of "playing with all the homies", perhaps confirming some form of multiplayer.

All of these details are layered on top of some motion-capture footage, showing the studio where the magic is happening. EA needed to get phenomenal skaters in to capture all the tricks and flips we'll be chasing when the game comes out, and the footage sure confirms they did. We still have no idea how Skate 4 is going to look upon release but we're stoked to see this small update on how the project is going.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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Imogen Mellor
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