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Ewan McGregor Even More Excited To Play Obi-Wan Kenobi Than In Star Wars Prequels


Ewan McGregor Even More Excited To Play Obi-Wan Kenobi Than In Star Wars Prequels

It's already old news that Ewan McGregor is back in the Star Wars universe. The actor is reprising the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi for his own The Mandalorian-style series about the trials and tribulations Obi-Wan goes through after the prequels and way before the sequels. Now, when talking to comedian Eddie Izzard, it's become apparent that he's just as excited about the project as we are.


Eddie Izzard has been on a marathon charity raising effort this last month with the '#Make Humanity Great Again: Run for hope'. Izzard has been running a marathon every day for 31 days on a treadmill before she performed a stand-up show after each one which is incredible. In the end, her efforts have raised over £300k and she had some great conversations with various celebrities, including the aforementioned Ewan McGregor.

When talking about the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi show that will appear on Disney Plus, McGregor mentions how happy he is to be returning to the role and filming in LA, as well as how different it will be filming Star Wars content now.


"It'll just be great to do it again," says McGregor to Izzard. "I did my last [Star Wars film] in 2003, and it's such a long time ago. The idea of doing it again now is more exciting even than it was then, I think. I'm thrilled to get a chance to play him again and I've always felt that there was a story about him between my [films] and Alex Guinness's. And, yeah, so that's what we're going to do - it should be really interesting.

"I'm excited because technology is so much more advanced than it was when we [filmed the prequels]. I think our Episode 2, that we did, was the first one that was shot digitally. And I remember there was a lot of excitement about the fact that it was digital and not film anymore, but the cameras used to have this huge cable coming out the back of them to a tent. A sort of hard drive tent that sort of hummed and buzzed. But now, of course, the technology is so much further advanced, it should be quite interesting to do. And I think for us, probably for us, not so much blue screen and green screen which I always find quite tedious to spend week after week just in a blue or green environment. But this should be certainly much more interesting for us I think."

Hopefully, this filming process is a lot less tedious for the actors involves, I certainly can't imagine having to pretend to see an entire city when I'm looking at a blue wall. Anyway, this mini-interview has just made us so much more excited to see the series which will probably arrive in 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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