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'Fall Guys' Gets A New Final Round And Much-Needed Fixes

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'Fall Guys' Gets A New Final Round And Much-Needed Fixes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is already off to an incredibly strong start on PlayStation 4 and PC, boasting millions of players just over one week from release. But how exactly does developer Mediatonic intend to keep players coming back time and again for more jellybean-based battle royale mayhem? Easy: more content, and free content at that.


The first major update for Fall Guys is available on PS4 and PC right now, and makes some much-needed tweaks and fixes to the game. It's also introduced a new final round, to help spice things up for those of us who consistently manage to make it to that all-important climatic showdown.

Jump Showdown is a final round that made its appearance in the beta, but was missing from the full release. It works a lot like the Jump Club round, in which a number of players need to survive a Total Wipeout-style rotating beam on a series of narrow platforms. The key difference here is that Jump Showdown features less players, and segments of floor will randomly fall away until only one player remains to claim the ultimate victory.


A number of other, welcome changes have been introduced too. The much-hated Royal Fumble final round has been tweaked so that it appears less frequently and gives the other final rounds more chance to appear. Mediatonic has also addressed a rare glitch in the Fall Mountain final round, where grabbing the crown didn't trigger the win.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic

You can take a look at the full patch notes below, as taken from the official Fall Guys Twitter account:

  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation
  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only - Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

Featured Image Credit: Mediatonic

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Ewan Moore
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