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Gamer Creates Giant F Key For Ultimate Fs In The Chat


Gamer Creates Giant F Key For Ultimate Fs In The Chat

As gamers, there's not much we don't have. Beefy graphics cards, lightning fast load times, virtual reality headsets - the list of cutting edge tech we have to indulge our hobbies is, quite honestly, ridiculous.


But what if I told you there was something you've been missing? What if I told you that this thing you're missing, you never even knew you were missing it? Well strap in gamers, because today it is my honor, nay, my privilege to introduce to you. The Big F.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is an incredibly large F key that you can use to express your online condolences with ultimate ease. And, much like the second Death Star in Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi, this one is fully operational.


Created by YouTuber Jaryd Gieson, The Big F is a marvel of technological wizardry. Initially made as a birthday present, almost the entire key is 3D printed, with the springs being hand(ish) wound using a drill and a very DIY lathe.

Jaryd doesn't actually say how much bigger than a normal keyboard key The Big F is, all we know is that it's this big. You can't see, but I'm giving rough dimensions with my hands. If you could see you'd agree it's pretty spot on.

Once construction is complete, Jaryd adds the most integral part of any keyboard key - the RGB lighting. Which amounts to throwing in some LED lights with yet more DIY jiggery-pokery. Sounds like a simple process, but I certainly couldn't do it. It also only lights up half of the key due to a wall on the switch's interior, but who among us can say we really need RGB the whole way around something, anyway?


Overall, the project to make The Big F is almost entirely pointless, and utterly brilliant at the same time. I want one. It looks so satisfying to press. I will now have to live with the knowledge that I will never own The Big F, and that is making me sad. Can we get some Fs in the chat, boys?

Featured Image Credit: Jaryd Gieson

Topics: YouTube

Mark Foster
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