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'GTA: San Andreas' Is The Most-Wanted Video Game Remake In New Survey


'GTA: San Andreas' Is The Most-Wanted Video Game Remake In New Survey

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the one video game fans want to see receive the modern remake treatment above all others, according to a new survey. The 2004 classic beat out stiff competition from the likes of Bully, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Tekken 3. There doesn't seem to be any mention of Parasite Eve or Simpsons Hit & Run, but I guess there's no accounting for taste.


This research comes from Mazuma Mobile, of all places, who analysed over 400 games and their Google search volumes to compile a top 50 of the games fans most want to see remade in 2021.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas / Credit: Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas / Credit: Rockstar Games

A press release explained: "The analysis reveals that GTA: San Andreas ranked top of the wanted remake list, the game released back in 2004 is still as popular, with its clever story line, vast mapped area and with the graphics being some of the best of its time, this video game lives in an era of nostalgia for great video gaming that is still thriving even in 2021!"


The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most successful gaming franchises ever made, of course. That's what makes it all the more surprising that it's never really looked back (although I guess GTA V has technically been remade a handful of times now. That hasn't stopped fans from crying out for remastered versions of the classics, though, with various fan-made trailers giving us an all too tantalising glimpse at what they could look running on modern hardware.

You can see the full top 50 here, if you're interested. The top 10 are as follows:


1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 23.5m annual searches
2. Bully - 19.1m annual searches
3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 10.5m annual searches
4. Half-Life - 4.9m annual searches
5. Tekken 3 - 4.6m annual searches
6. Grand Theft Auto IV- 4,212,000 annual searches
7. Super Mario World- 3,857,000 annual searches
8. Left 4 Dead 2- 3,205,000 annual searches
9. Grand Theft Auto III- 2,892,000 annual searches
10. Left 4 Dead- 2,810,000 annual searches

Given the ongoing popularity of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as the fact that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, it's unlikely that Rockstar will look back anytime soon, Still, at least we know San Andreas is still the GOAT, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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Ewan Moore
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