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PS5 Exclusive Marvel Multiplayer Game Could Be Coming From Insomniac, Says Insider

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PS5 Exclusive Marvel Multiplayer Game Could Be Coming From Insomniac, Says Insider

A gaming insider has revealed that there is reason to believe Insomniac is working on a Marvel multiplayer title that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5. The game, if real, would be a great expansion on the work that Marvel and Disney are doing with Sony already, and be a sign that Xbox isn't going to get any of that Marvel love any time soon.


An interesting rumour, huh? Before we begin exploring the possibility of a multiplayer Insomniac Marvel game, let's be clear, the insider talking about the game stressed that we should all be taking this with a pinch of salt. Shpeshal Nick is known as a very reliable insider source when it comes to upcoming projects but as with all rumours, there could be mistakes.

Here was our first look at Marvel's Wolverine...



On the XboxEra Podcast, Nick and Sikamikanico chat about the rumour and basically break it down into two sections. The first is whether the game is in the works at all. Nick says that he's heard from a reliable source that the project is being made, but can't exactly make the comparisons he wants to because it would indicate where he got the information from. What isn't confirmed by the insider is that it's being made by Insomniac - that is entirely speculation, though Reddit may have solved that for Nick already.

Skip to 1:05:20 to listen to the part of the podcast where the rumour is discussed...


On the subreddit, Gaming Leaks and Rumours, where the podcast was posted, one astute Redditor made an observation about Insomniac that could be evidence of it working on this multiplayer title. Deaf_Michael_Scott says:

"Not sure if it's true or not, but here are some facts that support this:

  • Insomniac does have at least three teams and have been producing three games simultaneously since Miles Morales started in April 2019.
  • Insomniac has been hiring for a multiplayer game for the last few months now.
  • They now are a 400+ studio and have 56 new job openings."

Now of course this again is not confirmation of the Insomniac team working on a multiplayer, but considering its size, its success with Marvel's Spider-Man and its trailer for Wolverine, it feels like it might just be the best studio for the job. We'll be excitedly awaiting more news of this project if it does exist, in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Insomniac

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