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People Think A New Jurassic World Game Is About To Be Revealed, And With Good Reason


People Think A New Jurassic World Game Is About To Be Revealed, And With Good Reason

How do you like your rumours in the morning? Fried, poached, or perhaps entirely female so there's absolutely, positively no way that they can breed and run amok across the island oh god we've lost control... the harbour, get to the harbour. And so on, and so forth. The Jurassic Park/World movies - they're a lot of fun, mostly, aren't they?


Mangled metaphors out of the way, there have also been a wealth of thoroughly decent Jurassic Park-related video games over the years. In 2018 we got the excellent Jurassic World Evolution from Frontier Developments; and rewinding to the 1990s, there was a fantastic point-and-click game set after the events of 1993's seminal Jurassic Park, on the SEGA Mega CD. Loved that one. And now, seemingly, an all-new Jurassic franchise game is about to be revealed.

Please enjoy this video of Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum doing gaming impressions, in his own inimitable style...



In a new post that's popped up on the gaming leaks and rumours subreddit, there's a heap of speculation that we're about to get an Evolution sequel. Or, perhaps, an all-new game based on the dinosaurs-ahoy action series of movies and related media. (Have you watched Netflix's Camp Cretaceous? You should!) People are putting two and two together, taking the news that Frontier has teased a sequel, and that Jeff Goldblum is hosting a section during an event of the E3-period Summer Games Fest (which kicks off on June 10), and concluding: something's coming.

But what if this isn't a Jurassic World Evolution sequel? One poster writes, "Still hoping for an 1st person open world Jurassic Park game." Another, "What about Dino Crisis tho?" (Sorry, but this definitely isn't that.) "Still waiting for a Jurassic park horror game," is another comment, and yes, that would be incredible. Imagine a game like Alien Isolation but you're stuck on one of the film franchise's islands, constantly being tracked by raptors? I am into it, big time. Though, that game does kind of exist, already. It's not Jurassic Park, mind.

This speculation has all been kicked off by a post from the official Jurassic World Twitter account, which is simply a velociraptor peeking through some vegetation - a classic call-back to the first movie's attack on Robert Muldoon. Accompanying the picture are three monkey emojis for see, hear and speak no evil. You secrets-keepers, you.


Personally, I'd love to see a new take on the Jurassic franchise, in gaming form - but no doubt, if this is a sequel to Evolution, that'd be great, too. Not long to wait now until we're in the full swing of E3 and Summer Games Fest, so, any and all of these rumours will be settled soon. Now, back to these eggs you're offering...

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