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Snoop Dogg's Latest Stream Had A Major Issue He Didn't Notice For Over An Hour


Snoop Dogg's Latest Stream Had A Major Issue He Didn't Notice For Over An Hour

Rapper Snoop Dogg loves to stream on Twitch these days, and regularly treats viewers to a heady combination of weed smoking and Madden NFL. Unfortunately, his most recent outing on the platform wasn't quite as smooth as past experiences.


Last night's Snoop stream began as it always does, with the aforementioned blend of devil's lettuce and virtual American football. It soon became clear, however, that the rapper had somehow muted the stream. Whether it was something he'd done on his end or just a Twitch-related technical issue is unclear. We will probably never know, either, since he went ahead and streamed for over an hour without acknowledging the issue or changing anything.

This isn't the first time Snoop has run into issues with Twitch. You may remember the time he rage quit and forgot to turn his stream off, leaving a camera pointing at an empty room for around seven hours. Refresh your memory of that day below:



To make matters worse, Snoop's Twitch chat desperately tried to warn him to absolutely no avail. The hero of our story has his chat set to emote-only mode, meaning viewers couldn't use words and instead had to spam the chat with as many different emojis as they could think of in attempt to get the message to Snoop. It was like the world's shittest game of charades.

After an hour of not noticing, Snoop silently ended the stream. He's yet to do another one, and hasn't acknowledged the issue on Twitter or Instagram, so I can only imagine that he either hasn't caught wind of the fact he was on mute yet, or just doesn't care. It's probably both, isn't it?

To be fair to him, watching a guy smoke weed and play Madden in complete silence for over 60 minutes sure is a marked departure from the norm on Twitch. Maybe it can be a new category, with Snoop at the helm?

Featured Image Credit: Snoop Dogg via Twitch

Topics: News, Twitch

Ewan Moore
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