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'Valheim' Game Boy Emulator Lets You Play 'Pokémon Yellow' In Your Base


'Valheim' Game Boy Emulator Lets You Play 'Pokémon Yellow' In Your Base

Mods, glorious mods. What wouldn't we give for the ability to play Pokémon Yellow inside the epically successful Viking survival title, Valheim?


Reddit user Mixone-Computing is very proud of their creation, which they have shared to the game's subreddit. Here's a clip of them playing Pokémon Red while journeying on a ship:

Couldn't be me, sadly. I would get far too sea sick and ruin the ride for everyone. It is literally a station that allows you to play Pokémon Yellow inside a mythical world where only the strongest and fiercest of warriors are selected to protect Odin's final realm, and for that, it does score a lot of points for me. Mixone-Computing explains on the official Nexus Mods page that it is furniture and requires one wood and one stone to craft. Then, the emulator is up and running, and the player just needs to select the ROM from the drop-down menu on the screen. Yes, it does need a ginormous screen because using a Game Boy that is to scale in Valheim would be like playing a Pokémon game for Durants.


It's a little ridiculous. But it is very cool. What's more is that the modder has been working on a separated version of the emulator - one that would be compatible with the other Game Boy ROMs that you may have kicking about on your computer, so these would be playable inside Valheim too. Iron Gate must have their minds blown every time they see what players are up to in their game, because it's not even out of early access yet. We've seen incredible builds like Sauron's Tower and the Millennium Falcon, we've dabbled in mead pong, and there's another mod that allows players to wrangle trolls like the behemoths in Attack on Titan. Is this quite as accurate as the sagas would have you believe? Well, I'll leave it to this article to answer that question, but I'd like to think it's not far off.

Featured Image Credit: Iron Gate, Mixone-Computing via Reddit

Topics: Pokemon, News, Valheim

Imogen Donovan
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