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Twitch Streamer Absolutely Bodied By Her Own Dog, Ending Stream Early


Twitch Streamer Absolutely Bodied By Her Own Dog, Ending Stream Early

There are plenty of things that can go wrong during a livestream. While streamers can of course control their surroundings the vast majority of the time (assuming they're in their own home), the world is an unpredictable ball of chaos. We must always expect the unexpected, in other words.


Take popular streamer 'Traveldanielle', who was forced to end her latest Twitch stream unexpectedly early after her adorable pup Brimstone came waddling up into frame and accidentally headbutted her. As you can see in this clip here, the dog put a fair bit of force into the attack in his excitement to see her. I'm fairly certain it would have knocked me out entirely, so fair play to Traveldanielle for shaking it off and simply ending the stream with as much dignity as she could muster.

Check out some other vintage Twitch wins and fails below!



Trying to encourage her faithful pooch to come sit on her lap, Brimstone got a little too into it and whipped his head back so fast it cracked the poor streamer right in the face.

"He's insane, I don't know what his deal is. That really hurt," she said, walking off camera in tears. The blow was so hard that her partner had to come in and cut the stream short. "I'm just holding an ice pack to my head so I don't know how I can play video games," she added a few moments later. "My head hurts pretty bad already."

Fortunately Brimstone doesn't seem to have caused any lasting damage and is still, by all reasonable accounts, a very good boy.


"You ever just get headbutted by your 60lb pitbull in the jaw?" she joked on Twitter a little later on. "So hard it rattles your brain live on stream in front of many people and then cry and end stream cuz the pain kicks in? Just me? Cool.

"At least I know I can take a hit and shake it off. Bring on Logan Paul."

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Traveldanielle

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Ewan Moore
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