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'Valheim' Can Be Played In First-Person Now, And It Looks Awesome

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'Valheim' Can Be Played In First-Person Now, And It Looks Awesome

If you've been paying any attention at all to either the Steam charts or what many streamers are playing on Twitch at the moment you might have heard of Valheim. It's the indie game taking the world by storm, featuring Rust-like survival mechanics, boss fights, beautiful scenery, and swelling music. It's all-in-all a good time so far, even though the game is still in early access.


And despite mods not being officially supported by the game, right now, that doesn't stop a few modders amongst the hundreds of thousands of active players, altering the game a little here or there. As such, a modder has created an alteration where you can see the world from first-person so that everything is just that little more beautiful.


Spotted by PC Gamer, this Valheim mod just adds the option for you to see the world from your Viking's size. Get up close and personal with necks, the tree trunks that are about to fall and kill you, and the weird tree gremlin things that still scare me every time I see one. The mod itself isn't complete yet, it's still a work in progress but PC Gamer says that it works surprisingly well considering it's a mode you'd expect for the game.


To work it, you don't only need the mod from NexusMods but you'd also need this specific secondary pack 'BepInExPack' for the game too. After downloading, there are a few other instructions but it seems pretty easy to implement if you're interested.

It looks like the best part of the mod is that it's easy to transition from the up-close first-person view, to the third-person you're already familiar with. Just scroll in or out to change the view which makes it easier when in tall grass, or sticky situations, to work out what's going on around you. It's just pretty neat, and surely a mod some of the hundreds of thousands of active Valheim players would like to try out.

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Imogen Mellor
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