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Vin Diesel Is Executive Producing 'Ark 2', Has Over 1000 Hours Logged In Original


Vin Diesel Is Executive Producing 'Ark 2', Has Over 1000 Hours Logged In Original

Earlier this week The Game Awards featured a rather unexpected cameo when Vin Diesel showed up in a lengthy cinematic trailer for Ark 2. For a good few minutes I watched old Vinnie running about in a loincloth hitting things with a stick as I tried to work out what game the trailer was for. It wasn't until a dinosaur came tearing out of the woods that I realised it was none other than a sequel to the popular dino survival game Ark.


As it turns out, however, the Fast and Furious star isn't just lending his handsome face to Ark 2. Diesel, a massive fan of the original game, is working on the sequel alongside developer Studio Wildcard.


According to a press release (thanks PC Gamer), Vin Diesel has joined Studio Wildcard as an executive producer on Ark 2. Not only that, but he's serving as a producer on the Ark animated series, which is coming in 2022 and stars the likes of David Tennant and Russel Crowe. Honestly, you turn your back for one second and Ark is suddenly this massive franchise.


As President of Creative Convergence, which sounds like a title a character in Control might have, Diesel will oversee the connective strands binding the upcoming sequel and the animated series. As a man who features heavily in both the Fast and Furious universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I imagine he's picked up a few tricks as to what makes a franchise work.

More than that, however, Diesel is a genuine fan of the original game. Studio Wildcard CEO Doug Kennedy says Diesel has played "thousands of hours" of Ark: Survival Evolved. "He understands the game intimately and is providing direct feedback to the development process," Kennedy said. He's already cracking down reporting bugs in Ark, according to the below tweet.


I wonder if Diesel could do me a favour and try out Bloodborne next. I'm tired of waiting for a sequel and this guy clearly has the power to make a new game happen. Maybe an animated series too. Come on Vinnie.

Featured Image Credit: Studio Wildcard

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Ewan Moore
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