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'Warzone's' New Verdansk Map Isn’t Impressing Players, And This Is Why


'Warzone's' New Verdansk Map Isn’t Impressing Players, And This Is Why

Call Of Duty: Warzone's map was obliterated in a fiery nuclear blaze this week, and the Verdansk we all knew and loved rose from its ashes as a cooler, 80s version of itself. It's how I'd like to go out, to be honest. However, not everyone is impressed with the new (old?) Verdansk, and they're airing their opinions on social media.


"They added flowers, moved about three buildings, and devolved key areas that players dropped and had the audacity to call it a brand new map," JesterTry5 sounded off in the game's subreddit. "Verdansk 1984 is the most disappointing sh*t they could have come up with," said NAZHUL. "80% of the map is the same, the buildings all have the same structure as before, are at the same places and that's the BIG event we're waiting for since over a year." Well, see if you can spot the differences yourself in our Warzone Wins & Fails compilation in one of the most iconic maps in gaming.


It's the fact that it isn't a brand new location that is irking Warzone players, and comparisons to Apex Legends have been dotted about in the discussions. That battle royale features a rotation of three entirely different maps - Kings Canyon, World's Edge, and Olympus - and occasionally there are Town Takeovers that transform a section of the map to be themed around a certain Legend.


Posts requesting for the old Verdansk to be reinstated are already gaining traction in the community. "Seriously, a reskinned Verdansk, 80s' style, is good for short-term sh*ts & giggles, but already I so, SO want the original back," said Michicaust. "This isn't what I'm gonna pay for a battle pass or other skins for." In fact, PC players are encountering gameplay issues with the new map which are impacting their enjoyment and success in matches. "Trying to figure out what's causing it though as it's not consistent at all. Used to get ~115 FPS but now it's dropped down to ~48 -~80 in some areas," explained Hawkannon4586. "Feel like some of the new grass environments or smoke may be doing it but dunno."

Other players have pointed out that a totally new and unique map for Warzone was never promised by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, and PapaProto has a theory of their own regarding the timelines of the game. "Verdansk in the 80's is a flashback," they said, in reference to the official title of the new map. "Given they seem to have a story of sorts going, as convoluted as it is, at some point they're likely gonna bring it forward again and deal with the Nuke aftermath. Given the nature of a fallout, that'll likely be time for a whole new map as Verdansk will pretty much be a crater." In short, it's not over til it's over and it's very possible that players will be getting races and obstacle courses in the future, as per datamined dialogue.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Imogen Donovan
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