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'Call Of Duty' Powerful New Pistol Is Making Players Uninstall The Game

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'Call Of Duty' Powerful New Pistol Is Making Players Uninstall The Game

Call of Duty: Warzone has been blessed by a brand new weapon, though "blessed" might not be the right word here. Not everyone is sold on its game-changing power, as the Sykov pistol can mow down enemies like nothing else... with the right attachments.


In order to unlock it, players need to kill four enemies using pistols across five different matches, which makes it suited to the Hardcore mode of Modern Warfare's multiplayer or Warzone's Plunder. Take your pick, because it's looking like the Sykov will dominate the meta when entering Season 3 next week. The best attachments for this pistol will turn it into an unbelievable force at close range when choosing the monolithic suppressor, Sorokin 140mm auto barrel, the 5mW laser, and 80-round drum magazines. Be sure to also add Akimbo for dual wielding and double the firepower, and that laser will help to level out the decrease in accuracy from hip-firing. Last but not least, try out Amped to ensure you're covered for when you aren't too close for comfort for the other players.


The time-to-kill on this pistol with the aforementioned loadout is absolutely sickening. I'm sure players are reminded of the Diamatti meta that was extremely popular earlier this year while watching clips of Call of Duty YouTubers eviscerate the competition. It's not flawless, due to the reliance on close range encounters, but it is doing the job for lots of people, and understandably, the community is divided. "I've uninstalled following the release of the Sykov," said Reddit user DefunctHunk. "I have no problem with fast TTK in multiplayer, that's expected. But in WZ, I'm so tired of looting for 10 minutes only to get deleted in under half a second with no time to react." On the other hand, it is fun to feel good at the game.


"Who wouldn't use the newest gun that has yet to be nerfed? Who doesn't want an edge and solidify dubs? If you get killed by any other gun would you feel better about it because it's not OP?" said niceusernameright in a different discussion. Nonetheless, it is sparking dissatisfaction with the state of the game when Season 3 is on the horizon. However, I would like to see the Sykov versus the amazing abilities that players unlock when they are resurrected as a zombie in Warzone. Zombies are able to leap into the air and receive no damage from outside of the circle, which is why squads are purposefully getting a zombie on their team to ambush stragglers and secure the win. For the time being though, Treyarch hasn't announced anything about the arguably overpowered pistol, so it's here to stay.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Imogen Donovan
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