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'Halo Infinite' Enemies Communicate Through Teabag Morse Code, Become Comrades

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'Halo Infinite' Enemies Communicate Through Teabag Morse Code, Become Comrades

In a fascinating example of a truce amid the bloodthirstiness of a match of Halo Infinite, two players acknowledged each others’ skill, swapped weapons and continued on their way.


Actively rebelling against the rules of a game is always something that carries a high risk and reward. Consider those who created the Los Santos Police Department: First Response for Grand Theft Auto V, a group of players pretending to be police officers and adhering to proper policies that the constabulary use on others who are behaving badly. The events of a given stream might range from a high-speed car chase or pulling apart two scrapping players. 

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The risk is that the other players won’t be on the same wavelength and you feel a little silly for trying something else as you watch the action- replay of the hit that killed your character. Yet, the rewards are these meetings of the minds between players that simultaneously surprise us and prove that games aren’t only always about winning. 

Reddit users Predator2027 and Local_Floridian uploaded their clips of the fateful encounter in a multiplayer match of Halo Infinite. Predator2027 scoops up the Gravity Hammer then scurries into the shade past the rocks. This is where they find Local_Floridian who crouches repeatedly to show that they aren’t a threat. Predator2027 doesn’t strike and copies their competitor’s dance. There’s still a lot of tension between the two at this point — is Local_Floridian duping the other player to score an easy kill while their guard is down? 


Predator2027 then does something unbelievable. Dropping their Gravity Hammer mere seconds after picking it up, they have offered their much more powerful weapon to the enemy. Local_Floridian rushes forward. And drops their BR75. The two swap weapons, crouch a few times, and then sprint in the opposite direction. 

It’s just like an episode of Blue Planet. “We need anthropologists on [gaming], they will lose their minds with this kind of things,” said one fellow fan of the wholesome exchange.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries, Predator2027 via Reddit

Topics: Halo, Halo Infinite, Xbox

Imogen Donovan
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