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Car Thieves Found Using $27,000 Game Boy For Robberies


Car Thieves Found Using $27,000 Game Boy For Robberies

We've all seen movies featuring grand theft auto, right? It's sort of one of the classic Hollywood movie set pieces. We're used to seeing the hotwiring, the tense hacking scenes, the moments where we hold our breath as a guard walks in. All of that comes with the territory - but have you ever seen a hacking device concealed as a Nintendo Game Boy?


As reported by the BBC, a device worth around £20,000 shaped and disguised to look like a Nintendo Game Boy has been used to break into and steal high value vehicles. According to the original report, three individuals were arrested after a car was stolen three months ago. CCTV footage showed them unplugging, unlocking and starting the modern vehicle with the Game Boy-like device.

Of course the car hacking device isn't a real Game Boy, but the console has an interesting history all the same...



Dylan Armer, Christopher Bowes and Thomas Poulson stole five Mitsubishi Outlanders in this manner which are worth around £180,000. Obviously a lucrative way to make money until your caught and your means of breaking into the vehicles is exposed, huh. The device was hidden in a concealed in Poulson's (non-stolen) car in a hidden compartment.

Now they've been caught and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal. Amer has been given a 30 month sentence while Bowes and Pulson have been given 22 month sentences each.

Detective Inspector Vicky Vessey told the BBC: "The utter disregard they had for the victims, whose hard-earned vehicles were whisked away in seconds, is totally apparent from the flippant tone heard on the video footage we recovered from one of their phones."


I guess the moral of the story is that we should all just be playing the Switch at this point and leave the Game Boy in the past. It's only going to cause us trouble. If you're interested in seeing the fake console in action, there is a video on the BBC website which shows it off in all its criminal bootleg glory.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games/BBC

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Ewan Moore
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