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This RC Truck Doubles As A High-End Gaming PC, And I Need It


This RC Truck Doubles As A High-End Gaming PC, And I Need It

Due to the amount of time, money, and actual science that goes into building a PC, people are pretty proud of their creations and like to share them with fellow eggheads. That's why this remote control truck that is also a beefy gaming PC is blowing the Internet away.


Let that sink in. A remote control truck. With a PC inside of it. And it's still fully functional as an RC truck. imthatguy77, who shared photosof the build on Reddit, had been beavering away on the project since November of last year. "It's one hundred percent drivable," explained the engineer. "It's got a full RC system including accurate sounds, lights, etc. the monitor is on the back of the cab and is powered by USB."

Engineers, eh? Leave them alone for five minutes and they've already started remaking Iron Man's Mark 7 suit in their bedroom. Check Emily's awesome work out below!



The process from start to finish is available on their YouTube channel and the tech inside the truck is enviable:

  • "Intel i5 9400F
  • EVGA Z370 Stinger
  • EVGA 2060 KO GPU
  • GSkill Ripjaws 16GB DDR43600
  • EVGA 120 AIO"

And of course, the model is a Mercedes Arocs Semi Truck and Container Trailer. If you were wondering about the practicalities of cramming these parts into the truck, imthatguy77 reported that the enclosure doesn't get too hot even when under load. That's thanks to the two fans spaced at the front and the back of the truck to draw air through and out again to cool the components. If it does get too hot, then imthatguy77 opens the doors on the container. Just like a real truck.

As it is a very specific build, the keyboard and mouse are wireless and allow for gaming on the go, so to speak. Oh, and the keyboard is the same one that the Time Variance Authority use in Loki on Disney+. If this truck got any cooler, it would be featured in a reality show on the History Channel. It's an amazing achievement and the fact that it's all for fun rather than a business has stunned other gamers who thought imthatguy77 was a professional.

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Imogen Donovan
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