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You Can Play As Garfield In 'Stray' With This Mod

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You Can Play As Garfield In 'Stray' With This Mod

Don’t you just love it when a highly anticipated game actually ends up living up to its hype? BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray has been out for just a week now and in that time, it’s already become 2022’s best user-rated game on Steam, kicking the PC port of God of War (2018) off its pedestal.


Since Stray is included in PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tier game library, any PlayStation users already subscribed can check out this gorgeous kitty adventure at no extra cost (and even if you’re not subscribed, some people are still eligible to play it totally free). Given that, it probably seems like a no-brainer to play the game on consoles, but doing so will mean you’re missing out on something spectacular which only the PC version can offer. 

Take a look at some real-life cats reacting to Stray below (Warning: It's adorable).



I’m of course talking about mods, because despite how little time Stray’s been out, people have already been going to town changing the game in weird and wonderful ways. Someone out there thought it was a good idea to throw Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ CJ into the game. You know, as a replacement for the cat protagonist. It’s horrifying. Amazing, but horrifying.

Now, as reported by VG247, another mod, courtesy of Chris Rubino, has been created which replaces the playable cat with none other than Garfield, because of course it does. The funny thing is that because the original cat is also ginger, Garfield blends in surprisingly well - I can’t imagine that he’ll have much luck finding lasagne in the depths of the cyber-city, though. You can download the mod for free via Nexus Mods, here.

In slightly more wholesome news, a bunch of cat owners have been modding Stray to include their own fluffy friends, which is perhaps the sweetest thing ever. From calico to tuxedo cats, there’s already so many variations to choose from - truly, this is the pinnacle of game modification. 

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive, Chris Rubino via Nexus Mods

Topics: Indie Games, PC, Mods

Catherine Lewis
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