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DualSense Controllers Are Already Suffering From Drift, Apparently


DualSense Controllers Are Already Suffering From Drift, Apparently

Ah, controller drift, our old enemy. The controller issue seems to plague modern consoles left right and centre, especially on the Nintendo Switch's Joy Cons - but now there are reports of the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller already experiencing analogue stick drift too.


If you're unfamiliar with controller drift, it's an annoying fault with controllers where the thumbsticks are picking up inputs you're not putting in. Normally you'll see a controller very slowly keep dragging a camera on direct or another or move a character slowly. When you're playing games it's an annoyance at it's best, but at worst it's completely game-breaking and can make some titles unplayable. Users on Reddit are now sharing videos of their DualSenses experiencing the problem.

Some of the first videos that popped up were of drift happening on Call of Duty: Warzone which some fans said was happening as a fault with the game rather than with the controller. User DopeOxide reported drift and some of the comments were telling them to try another game because this was happening a lot with Warzone specifically. The same thing happened to User MPLS_CALIFORNIA.


Then drift started happening with other games too. Verity21 started getting the problem when playing Destiny 2. In the video, you can see the DualSense spinning the character. Another user DeliciousBug started seeing the problem within Spider-Man: Miles Morales and so it seems confirmed that although the DualSense is fantastic, it's still susceptible to the most common problem with controllers we all know.

User EverGreatestxX, who experienced drift and has done everything to check if it's anything other than the analogue sticks playing up, says it best. "The DualSense is probably the most next-gen feature right next to the SSD but at the end of the day it's just a controller with normal controller problems." We just hope that you aren't getting this problem, and Sony works out a system to get controllers fixed as soon as possible.

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Imogen Mellor
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