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This Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 5 Controller Is Beautiful, And Available Now

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This Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 5 Controller Is Beautiful, And Available Now

The PlayStation 5 might not be out for another few weeks here in the UK, but it looks like you can already get your hands on a gorgeous custom PlayStation 5 controller. This particular number is a really rather attractive bit of kit inspired by Dragon Ball Z, and fully embraces the bright and striking colours of the series it's based on.


The good news is that unlike most fan-made PS5 controller concepts we've seen so far, this one is actually for sale. It's been lovingly crafted by YouTuber LazaModz, who has a fantastic line in creating "custom-designed tournament controllers." LazaModz took a DualSense controller apart piece by piece and put it back together with the stunning Dragon Ball z-style coat of paint you see below.

The bad news? This controller won't come cheap, and is obviously subject to incredibly limited availability. Over on LazaModz's official website, the controller has a price tag of $179.99. Not the most accessible price for those of us who have already splashed out for a next-gen console... but if you've got the money, you might as well splash it. Yes, splash it and then send the controller to me please. Thanks very much in advance.


I mean, look at it. The bright orange and dark blue are already so much more interesting to look at than the fairly generic and grime-gathering white DualSense controller with its grey buttons. It's even had the touchpad adorned with Master Roshi's kanji emblem, while the buttons themselves are supposed to be actual Dragon Balls. Truly inspired.

Even though this particular model is unofficial, it's still awesome to see what the handier fans out there are able to do with the DualSense controller. It's also plain exciting to see a custom DualSense in the flesh/plastic, despite it not being an official Sony product.

My only concern at this point is what action Sony may or may not take against custom controllers like this. Just a few days ago we learned that the company shut down a website that was offering unofficial custom PS5 plates, which implies it might be taking a harder line against all fan-made PS5 endeavours. Hopefully not, because I for one would love to put some money aside and order this particular controller for myself.

Featured Image Credit: LazaModz/Sony

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Ewan Moore
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