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This £25 "PlayStation 5" Works About As Well As You'd Expect

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This £25 "PlayStation 5" Works About As Well As You'd Expect

Despite the many promises of supply issues finally coming to an end, at some point, soon, maybe, there’s still loads of people out there who haven’t managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5. When it comes to the restocks, blink and you’ll miss them - you have to be there and ready with those stock alerts for any hope of bagging one before they’re whisked away by scalpers.


But what if there was a simpler, and much cheaper way? As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, people have spotted an incredibly cheap ‘PlayStation 5’ online, which you can grab for around £25, with 200 games included. What could possibly go wrong here?

Before we get into it, take a look at some gorgeous PS5 wraps below.



As you really should have guessed, this product certainly isn’t Sony’s work. As showcased in a video from YouTuber Spawn Wave, this is a GameStation 5 - and definitely isn’t manufactured to look exactly like the new-gen console that everyone wants. That identical box? Don’t even worry about it. The shape of the console? Mere coincidence. 

The immediate thing to notice here is the size of this thing - it’s absolutely tiny. Maybe it’s just because the actual PS5 is so chonky that the GS5 looks so minuscule, but it’s almost slightly cute. Not quite the slim model anyone had in mind, though. 


Another thing to note is the controller (or controllers, plural, since the creators of this thing were generous enough to include two) takes clear ‘inspiration’ (sure, let’s call it that) from the original PlayStation controller, rather than the DualSense. Which is an interesting decision, really, when they otherwise seemed so determined to mirror every aspect of the new-gen console.

Believe it or not, it actually does work, although it’s definitely not going to offer you the high-powered experience you’d be hoping for from a PS5. It instead offers a pretty poor level of emulation for the likes of Super Mario Bros. 3, Pac-Man, and some weird bootleg Harry Potter game. It’s, uh, an eclectic mix. 

Now, if for some reason reading all this made you actually want to buy one of these things, you can. They are but a search away - I’m not going to be assisting you in making poor financial decisions any further. 

Featured Image Credit: 20th Television/Fox/Comedy Central, Spawn Wave via YouTube

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Catherine Lewis
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