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Jaw-Dropping Halo Xbox Series X Already Being Scalped For Ridiculous Amounts

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Jaw-Dropping Halo Xbox Series X Already Being Scalped For Ridiculous Amounts

Announced in Gamescom Opening Night Live, that gorgeous Halo themed Xbox Series X is already being sold on by scalpers for nauseating amounts of cheddar.


Priced at $549.99, the console comes with a digital copy of Halo Infinite and will arrive on November 15th. That's almost a whole month before the game launches, and though you might be twiddling your thumbs while waiting, this gadget is a statement piece for your living room. Its gold accents and metallic plating is understated yet aesthetically pleasing, something that politely says "yes, I really like Halo" without drenching the thing in green and studding it with battle scars.

The top is midnight black with a scattering of stars and there are even "Cortana-themed" accents on the vent. And, the cherry on the cake is of course the custom Halo sounds for its powering on and off.

I imagine Tom and Dean will be selling their right arms for the console, being the big Halo boffins that they are. Listen to them chat about what they liked, disliked, and hope for in Infinite's multiplayer modes.



Yes, it is splendid. And that makes it all the more gutting to see it popping up on eBay and sold for nearly twice its listed price on the Microsoft Store, thanks to scalpers. A lot of these prices haven't added the cost of delivery on top - honestly, if I'm paying $1,000 for the console, postage and packing had better be free.

Halo and Xbox players are fuming at the sight of this, as the shortage of consoles has meant that many are still without an Xbox Series X almost a year after the product launched. Scalpers use bots and other automated tools to get ahead of the game and retailers are putting in place measures to validate orders and prevent this from happening.


Unfortunately, security simply wasn't quick enough this time and the odds are still stacked in favour of the resellers while stocks of the console are low. The best thing to do now is keep an eye out for announcements from major retailers on when they'll receive shipments of the Halo themed Xbox Series X and be ready to move like lightning.

Featured Image Credit: eBay, Microsoft

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Imogen Donovan
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