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​Yes, You Can Complete 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Without A Lightsaber

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​Yes, You Can Complete 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Without A Lightsaber

Have you ever thought about completing a Star War video game without using the lightsaber?


Nope, me neither. But while it might sound counter-intuitive - surely lightsabers are a huge part of why we play Star Wars games in the first place? - YouTuber SixToon has done exactly that, playing through the entirety of the latest Star Wars title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, without using the iconic weapon.

"Cal has been a bad boy and his lightsaber got taken away from him by eye pop girl," SixToon explains in the description of the first video, which popped online a few weeks back (thanks, Star Wars Gaming). "So now he has to fight all the bosses with no lightsaber, nothing but the force to use against them. His creative prowess proves to be his greatest weapon as he defeats enemy after enemy with outside the box strategies.


"Whether it be second sister, stormtrooper, scouttrooper, purge trooper, ATST, or security droid, EZ clap for Cal Blevins. This is: Can you beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order without a lightsaber."

Interestingly, SixToon's encounter with the Second Sister proved too powerful at first, forcing him to abandon his efforts for a short while. And though he'd found something of a workaround by locking her in the lift that takes you down to the boss fight, he still couldn't continue without inflicting enough damage to get the Second Sister to kick him through the gate.


Unlocking the skill Evasive Kick, however, finally got results. (That, and one accidental slash with the saber, but we won't hold that against him.)

"Cal Kestis continues his epic journey to fight the Empire and the Second Sister. Instead he ends up playing Fortnite with a stormtrooper and falling in love with a nightsister named Merrin, and the second sister gets jealous," Toon explains. Um, can't remember that happening in a playthrough...

If you've been looking for new and exciting ways to get through the lockdown, you could do worse than try this - it's a novel approach and would certainly keep you busy for a couple of days, anyway. Let us know if you too have completed a game in a cool and/or unusual way.


In related news, we're still waiting to find out if the next era of Star Wars movies will begin in a 2021 video game. The new chapter - thought to be told via TV, film, and games - is reportedly internally called Project Luminous. Will we find out more during the digital reimagining of E3 2020? Fingers crossed, eh?

Featured Image Credit: EA / Disney

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Vikki Blake
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