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'Dying Light 2' Studio Hits Back At Fan Complaining Game Is Taking Too Long


'Dying Light 2' Studio Hits Back At Fan Complaining Game Is Taking Too Long

Spare a thought for the developers of the world. They spend such a huge amount of time in a completely unwinnable position.


Take the studios working on the biggest upcoming releases, for example. Say the game gets delayed because the team needs more time to make it the game they know it can be. They're the ones working on it every damn day, they know it better than anyone. But a delay is announced, and out come the death threats and insults. There are plenty of encouraging messages in the mix, sure, but believe me when I tell you the hate tends to stick more than the love.

Now say after a few delays the studio ends up releasing the game before its ready. More hate, insults, and death threats. And through all this, the studio typically has to work to fix the game they know they released too soon. It's a horrendous cycle, seen most recently with Cyberpunk 2077 and CD Projekt RED. The disastrous release of the sci-fi RPG is something I'm not sure anyone wants to see ever happen again, and at least one studio is ready to clap back at impatient fans to let them know the most important message of all: the damn game will be ready when it's ready.



Techland is taking its time on Dying Light 2, to the extent that rumours have started to circulate that the open-world zombie parkour game is a complete mess right now. Originally scheduled for release last Spring, the game doesn't currently have a release date - though Techland promised more news is coming this year.

Fan concern about the state of Dying Light 2 is, admittedly, understandable given the complete radio silence from Techland over the last year or so. But over on Twitter, the studio had a simple explanation for a fan who echoed accusations that the game is a mess right now: It's a big project, and the team wants to get it right.


The Dying Light team's response was met with praise from the game's community, with fans encouraging Techland to take their time. No game with as much hype around it as Dying Light 2 can ever meet everybody's expectations, but hopefully this is one title that can avoid the mistakes of Cyberpunk 2077 and stay in the oven until it's properly baked.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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Ewan Moore
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