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Record-Breaking Twitch Streamer Banned For Criticising Twitch


Record-Breaking Twitch Streamer Banned For Criticising Twitch

Nominated at The Game Awards for streamer of the year, David "TheGrefg" Cánovas, has received a three day ban for criticising Twitch's suspension policy.


As reported by Ginxtv, The Grefg spoke about content creator Bruneger's indefinite suspension from the platform while the pair were streaming together. Bruneger, who had almost 1million followers on Twitch was suspended in March 2021 after he drew a foam penis on stream. However, this was Bruneger's sixth offence with others including holding a prop gun to his head, and his mother accidently bending over and showing her underwear.

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In a statement on Twitter, TheGrefg commented that he knew holding the discussion with the suspended streamer put him at risk from a punishment like this but that he would be back streaming on Friday (25 March).

Bruneger acknowledges that his previous actions deserve punishment, but believes that in this case it was neither equal nor fair. Referring to his offences, he compares the nudity involved to the hot tub streaming categories where there is a lot more skin on show. Mostly Bruneger complained of Twitch not giving him a straight answer, claiming that if he had an end date he could be at peace with the decision.

This is the point which TheGrefg agreed with the banned streamer. He acknowledges that Bruneger's content is indeed risky, but that he should be given a clear date on when he can return. TheGrefg did not pass comment on whether he thought Bruneger had been unfairly or harshly punished compared to the offences of other streamers.


It seems that TheGrefg wasn't so much banned for giving his opinion on the matter but rather for giving a suspended streamer a space on the platform, thus circumventing his suspension. Still the whole conversation is on YouTube (in Spanish) for those who want to see the controversy for themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch / TheGrefg

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