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Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay By 6'9" Olympic Athlete Is Solid Gold


Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay By 6'9" Olympic Athlete Is Solid Gold

Lady Dimitrescu, the very beautiful vampire living in the castle that overlooks the wintry setting of Resident Evil Village, has caused a... sensation in the gaming community. And now, Olympic athlete and world's tallest model Yekaterina Lisina has pulled off an absolutely amazing cosplay as the character - we frankly can't believe our eyes.


Sitting while clasping a classic rotary phone to her ear, she recreated the scene where the protagonist sees Lady Dimitrescu for the very first time on her Instagram account. "I am under a great deal of stress and I am seeking your guidance," pleads Lisina in character. "I have countless followers requesting me this cosplay... and I am aware only I can meet the height of this challenge." Indeed, she is six feet nine inches, or just over two metres to those who prefer the metric system. She is a former basketball player and she competed for the Russian National Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal. Nowadays, Lisina has hung up her jersey and chose to pursue a career in modelling. She's also the founder of "World's Tallest Models" agency.


The results of the shoot are literally jaw-dropping. Though she isn't quite as tall as Lady Dimitrescu who stands at nine feet six inches, the difference doesn't matter at all when you appreciate the attention to detail. Her ethereal and flowing dress has been custom-made by tailor Osqur Mendoza, and Lisina's dramatic makeup and effortless curls have been achieved with the work of Blas Nunez Ortiz. Nikolay Shlykov is the photographer, the editor is ShotByShep, and additional assistance is credited to lugovskav and themushroomxiii. Quite the team, and they must be thrilled with how the shoot turned out and the reception to the cosplay.



Resident Evil Village is set to release on May 7th for PC and consoles, and it's stepping into unknown territory for the series. You'd be forgiven if at first blush you thought Village was a remake of Resident Evil 4, with its strange surroundings populated by inhabitants who are afraid of what lurks in the forest. Resident Evil 7's milquetoast hero Ethan Winters returns in Village after a personal tragedy causes Chris Redfield to steal his daughter, and the trail leads him to this remote corner of Europe. It's even possible that there will be monsters that have made themselves at home in different areas of the map, like the hulking bat-like creature in Castle Dimetrescu and the ominous being wielding a scythe in House Beneviento.

Featured Image Credit: Yekaterina Lisina via Instagram

Topics: News, Resident Evil

Imogen Donovan
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