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'Starfield' Might Have Loads Of Planets, But Not Many Smart Aliens

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'Starfield' Might Have Loads Of Planets, But Not Many Smart Aliens

A load of entirely unconfirmed new information on Bethesda's 2022-due spacefaring RPG Starfield has found its way onto the internet, courtesy of a 4Chan user by the username of Liquor. So, it's absolutely in your best interests to assume some of this is total b*ll*cks, while also accepting that there's likely a sliver of palpable truth amid the poppycock.


Okay, important caveat duly noted, let's take a look at what we have here, via a link on the Gaming Leaks & Rumours subreddit. First thing that strikes my eye from what's a very long list of new, unconfirmed-by-Bethesda info relating to the game is to do with the planets that players will be able to visit. There will be "multiple, dozens even" says the 4Chan poster - and it's a good guess, sure. And not just planets, but moons and asteroids and space stations too, will all be visitable. They add that the open-world map on each of these planets will be bigger than the map of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And that one... Yeah, that sounds rather less likely, but hey, this is an all-new-gen production we're talking about, so you never know.

Watch the official reveal trailer for Starfield, below...



But what about the lifeforms on all of these planets? The "info dump" online notes that 99% of alien life will be "primitive" - so, less likely to invite you in for lunch, more likely to ooze across your big ol' space boots like some sort of extraterrestrial slug beast.

And Earth, humanity's home that we're leaving behind to venture into the stars? The info adds that 300 years from right now, in the game's setting, our special little watery orb in the universe is, and I quote, "a sh*thole (even more than now)". Apparently you cannot land your spaceship on Earth at all, but you can go to other locations in our solar system, such as Mars - which is where you'll also find one of the game's biggest settlements, the city of Cydonia.

You can find so much more via the reddit link, posted up there, should you want to pick through this supposed info dump/leak and work out for yourself what's probable and what else really isn't. Stuff like, "there is a cult faction who believe that Jesus/God came from the stars and are looking for his real birthplace," sounds like something Bethesda would add to a game like this; so too offering refugees the chance to live and trade in your own settlement. But also, these are the kinds of guesses anyone with half a clue as to Bethesda's background and previously stated goals for Starfield could put together.


We have a long time to wait until we'll know exactly what Starfield is all about, with the game releasing for PC and Xbox Series X/S (and definitely not PlayStation 5) on November 11, 2022. Over a year to go, then, giving us plenty of time to discuss dumps and leaks and rumours and all that good stuff, until expectations are so wildly high that no end product could possibly match them. Perfect.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Disney

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Mike Diver
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