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Zack Snyder Isn't Finished With Superman, Says 'Justice League' Wasn't Enough


Zack Snyder Isn't Finished With Superman, Says 'Justice League' Wasn't Enough

The history of the DC cinematic universe is now just as complex as any of the storylines within the films. Having created Man of Steel and then Batman vs Superman, fans expected a long line of films starring Superman and maybe Batman, among other Justice League members.


But due to some tragic circumstances, which included the loss of Zack Synder's daughter, followed by heavy reshoots and re-edits of Justice League, the final product wasn't well-received, scrapping many of the plans that DC and Synder had for the future of the heroes. Now, in a new interview, Snyder has talked about how Superman needed more time to finish his story and the director's vision.


See, the details for what another Justice League film would look like have already been revealed. Batman would see the Joker kill Robin, and would eventually die to save Lois Lane, and as a result the world, from Superman's destruction.


When we meet Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League he's finally getting to the point of acceptance in human society - that despite his powers putting him close to a god, he's finally settling in. Note, this is before his ultimate turn into despair that was apparently going to happen. To ScreenRant, Snyder says, "He has completed the apprenticeship in humanity, and now has his Master's Degree. To me, that's what it is about.

"I think in the end when you see him, the way I would think about it - and look, frankly, there's not enough movie, I know that sounds crazy in context [laughs], to really explore it. But that was always the plan going forward. In the end, if there were two more movies, the last movie really is a Superman movie in a lot of ways."

So, basically, Superman's story isn't finished, and it might not be at this rate. Although there were rumours of a Justice League sequel a studio boss has already shot down those hopes. Synder does seem, though, to want to return to the DC universe to complete the story he started - it's not impossible to see it finished but it doesn't sound like there are any plans for it at the moment.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros / HBO

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Imogen Mellor
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