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Twitch Streamer Blows Up After Speed Dating Viewers On Stream


Twitch Streamer Blows Up After Speed Dating Viewers On Stream

One of the great things about Twitch is that it provides a platform for streamers who want to share all sorts of interests and hobbies.


Sure, there are the purists who believe Twitch is all about video games, but there's so much more to it than that. Gardening streams? You got 'em. Otters swimming around in an enclosure? Got that too. Live speed dating? Yes, apparently that's also a thing here now.

Check out some of the funniest livestream wins and fails below!



As reported by Dexerto, one streamer has essentially put together her own dating show - and it's already seeing huge results in terms of boosting followers and subscribers.

This definitely isn't the most original thing we've ever seen on Twitch, but Kyootbot's 'Speed Dating Viewers' is clearly working for her. The show is bringing in over 3,000 concurrent viewers, a large number of whom obviously have hopes of appearing on the show. She's also gained nearly 40,000 followers in the past month alone.

Viewers who make it on to the show to chat with Kyootbot get seven minutes to win the streamer over. They'll also need to impress the chat, however, as fellow viewers will get the choice to extend the "date" or end it via chat poll.


It's definitely a risky format for Twitch, given any community guidelines these "guests" violate would likely be considered violations of the part of Kyootbot herself. It is, after all, her show and her channel. Hopefully the vetting process is suitably thorough.

No doubt there are users out there who will criticize Kyootbot's new show in the same vein as the controversial hot tub streams from earlier this year. 'Speed Dating Viewers' sits under the divisive 'Just Chatting' category on Twitch, whose lack of definition and clear guidelines has a tendency to irritate some viewers. Though to be fair to Kyootbot, if speed dating on a livestream isn't the very definition of just chatting, I don't know what is.

Featured Image Credit: Kyootbot via Twitch

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Ewan Moore
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