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New Marvel Game Coming From EA, Says Insider

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New Marvel Game Coming From EA, Says Insider

We already have quite a lot of Marvel titles in the works, don’t we? From Marvel's Midnight Suns (which is coming later this year) to Marvel's Wolverine (who knows when that one’s actually releasing), there’s plenty to look forward to.


It looks like that’s just the beginning, though, as according to prominent insider Nick Baker (better known as Shpeshal Nick), a source has told him that EA are working on a game of their own. Whether or not you think that’s a good thing is entirely up to you.

Before we get into it, be sure to take a look at the latest trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns right here.



“He mentioned what it would probably be about, which IP within Marvel it would be about, and I can’t even give clues, I’m bad at giving clues without giving stuff away,” he said on the Xbox Era Podcast last week. “The problem is people know me too well, so if I say certain things, people will go, ‘oh that’s Nick which means he’s talking about this’. So I can’t say. All he told me I’m allowed to say is that there’s a rumour going around that EA is working on a Marvel title.”

Obviously though, the main question here is that exact one that Baker insisted he couldn’t answer - what will the game actually be? Over on Reddit, users have been busy speculating (and wishfully thinking).


First thing’s first, if the rumours are true, this wouldn’t be EA’s first shot at a Marvel game - back in 2005, they published Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects - a fighting game which tied in to the Marvel Nemesis comic book series. The general verdict of that title was that it was, uh, alright? Metacritic give the PS2 version a very middling critic score of 53, with a user score of 6.2 not doing much to boost it further. Needless to say, a sequel probably wouldn’t be the most desirable title in the world, but it’s still got to be considered as an option.

As for what people want to see, though? Reddit has one standout answer - Iron Man. “Reskinned Anthem into an Iron Man game,” wrote Agoonga. “Yes please, I've been dying for an action-RPG open world Iron Man game for ages. He's the perfect hero for a game because his suits translate well into RPG elements and [customisation], and they have the PERFECT movement mechanics already nailed down,” replied xChris777.

For now, of course, do take all this with a pinch of salt until it’s officially confirmed, but we all know what we wanna happen. Please, EA, come through for us.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Marvel/Disney, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Catherine Lewis
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