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US Law Firm Is Already Taking Sony To Court Over DualSense Drift


US Law Firm Is Already Taking Sony To Court Over DualSense Drift

A US law firm is already taking Sony to court over DualSense drift. A class-action lawsuit has been filed over PlayStation 5 controllers not working as intended.


So, of course, the term JoyCon drift is something you've probably heard. Nintendo has famously denied the widespread issue where the Nintendo Switches have phantom joystick inputs on the JoyCons, making games hard to control. It's really annoying, and now it seems that Sony is going through the same issue with its brand new DualSense controllers.

According to Eurogamer, the firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (or CSK&D for short) were searching for Sony customers who have experienced drift on the DualSense to fill out an online form and get in touch. Following that, a lawsuit has been officially filed against Sony in New York.

According to the complaint, Eurogamer quotes, the complaint directly calls DualSense controllers "defective". Those that have experienced joystick drift like this would probably agree with that, as it can make controllers completely unusable - especially in games where accuracy is prioritised like shooters.


An additional complaint with Sony's product is that repairs for the DualSense to fix the controller are very difficult to obtain. Consumers have to navigate long wait times, phone calls, and paying for their own shipping to send the controller to a repair centre, even when the controller is within warranty.



This issue is a smudge on the DualSense's shining reputation so far. Microsoft has been asking Xbox players if they're envious of the DualSense's capabilities as it seems like a truly next-gen controller. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on Sony's controller have been widely praised, so it's disappointing that there are enough faulty units that this lawsuit has had to appear. We hope that Sony somehow finds a way to lessen the issue by making repairs easier or make the hardware more durable.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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