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'Star Wars: KOTOR 2' Impossible To Complete On Switch, Dev Admits

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'Star Wars: KOTOR 2' Impossible To Complete On Switch, Dev Admits

A few short weeks ago, in the midst of all the Star Wars Celebration hype, Nintendo Switch owners were delivered a real treat. The iconic 2004 title, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, was ported over, complete with improved visuals. 


As beloved as the original release was, it was notoriously unfinished. And not in a modern “DLC was added afterwards, therefore the game must have been rushed” way - there was loads of cut content. So much so, actually, that that very content is being restored to the game later this year, which is really cool. Who’d have ever imagined that an 18 year old game could ever get an update like that?

Take a look at the trailer for the KOTOR II Switch port right here.



With all that in mind, you’d think that the KOTOR II port was something of an unmissable title, but perhaps not. As reported by Kotaku, it turns out that the game is actually currently impossible to finish because of bugs, and although the devs are aware, there’s currently no time frame on a fix being released.

One player, @Moo_Resolutions on Twitter, tweeted directly at Aspyr to ask them if they knew that the game was plagued with such a huge problem: “Are you guys aware there is no way to complete this game? I've been stuck on the onderon basilisk crash for a week now. Whats the [ETA] on a patch?” they asked.

“Hi, this is a known issue that will be addressed in the next patch,” Aspyr replied. “While we cannot provide an ETA at this time, we will definitely let you know when the patch is live.” 


Given the scale of the problem though, @Moo_Resolutions continued, asking: “Just to be clear you're aware that there is no way to complete this game currently?” Aspyr once again responded, saying: “Yes, we are aware and our dev team is working on delivering the patch as soon as possible. We [apologise] for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in the meantime!”

So, that’s really not good. It was also previously revealed that players will have to start completely fresh save files to play through the “restored content” DLC when it drops later this year, rather than access it with an ongoing file, so if you did want to get the game, there’s multiple reasons why it might be a good idea to hold off, at least for now. 

Featured Image Credit: LucasArts, Disney, Lucasfilm, Aspyr

Topics: Star Wars, Knights Of The Old Republic, Nintendo Switch

Catherine Lewis
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