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'FIFA 22' Next-Gen Upgrade Is Locked Behind £90 Ultimate Edition

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'FIFA 22' Next-Gen Upgrade Is Locked Behind £90 Ultimate Edition

Publisher Electronic Arts officially unveiled FIFA 22 over the weekend, confirming that the next instalment in the football franchise will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series consoles, Xbox One, and PC on October 1.


Naturally, EA wants you to pick up the new-gen version of FIFA 22 if possible. The debut trailer, which you can see below, highlights the fancy new "HyperMotion" technology that promises to make virtual ball-kicking the most realistic it's ever been. There's just one problem: it would appear that the only way to upgrade the PS4/Xbox One version of FIFA 22 to the PS5/Xbox Series version is to purchase the £89.99 Ultimate Edition. Ouch.


As spotted by Eurogamer, a post shared over on the EA website confirms that purchasing the digital-only Ultimate Edition is currently the only to get the last-gen and new-gen versions of the game.


This unlikely to go down well with FIFA fans, especially the ones who don't currently own a new-gen console and were perhaps hoping they'd be able to get a cheaper way to upgrade their copy of FIFA 22 when the time came. Given the fact that FIFA 21 offered players a way to upgrade for free, this news is definitely an unexpected kick in the teeth.

Through this new system, fans who don't have a new-gen console but do want to upgrade when they get one are essentially left with two choices: Fork out the £89.99 for the Ultimate Edition... or buy the £59.99 standard edition of FIFA 22 on PS4/Xbox One and then double-dip to get the £69.99 PS5/Xbox Series version once they obtain a new-gen console.

Given that option two comes to £130, the £89.99 Ultimate Edition is the more viable choice from an economic perspective, but that still basically forces customers into spending £30 for a new-gen upgrade.

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