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'Hitman 3' First Level Is Free To Play Right Now

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'Hitman 3' First Level Is Free To Play Right Now

If you've wanted to try out IO Interactive's Hitman series before you purchase the assassination games, this might be the news you've been waiting for. You can get your hands on the first maps of Hitman 1, 2, and 3 right now for free.


The offer spotted by Gamespot allows people playing on next-gen and current-gen PlayStations and Xboxes, as well as PC, to download and play the opening levels from all three of the Hitman trilogy right now. You better hurry though, because this offer doesn't last forever, you can make the most of the levels up until April 5, 2021.


The most recent game, Hitman 3, released earlier this year to critical acclaim. I mean, we at GAMINGbible really love it - we enjoyed it enough to give it a mighty 9/10 when our wonderful Julian Benson reviewed it. So, although we're biased in telling you that the first map is a great experience you should try out, it's a free demonstration of what you'll experience in the series, so what have you got to lose by giving it a go?


The first map of Hitman 3 takes you to beautiful Dubai with two targets to eliminate. Although you're on a deadly mission, that doesn't mean you can't stroll around the area in awe, taking in the breathtaking environment before stabbing your foes, right?

Every level in Hitman 3 has a huge amount of content and ways to play, but there are some that choose to just, well, bypass all of that instead. Ridiculously, if you play the map Dubai just right you can get your time to kill both targets in under ten seconds - the world record is currently just five seconds according to Speedrun.com. But, I mean, you probably want more content than just that if you're giving Hitman 3 a go; trust me the long way around is worth the trouble. And trying Hitman 3 out might give you a good idea of the potential of the upcoming James Bond game IOI has in the works.

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