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This Cyberpunk-Inspired 'Minecraft' City Might Be Better Than The Real Thing


This Cyberpunk-Inspired 'Minecraft' City Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

Once again, Minecraft players are wowing us with their building abilities. It's not news to anyone that Minecraft as a game is specifically about creating and moulding the world around you. Even if you're not in creative mode and you're playing survival - you mine the ground, make a house, armour, and carve out a little piece of the world just for you. This Cyberpunk city, however, is just on a whole new level of builds, and so is the video the creators have shown it off in.


The channel Elysium Fire shows a timelapse of an entire Cyberpunk styled city in Minecraft and it's wild. Roads, buildings, lights, cranes, massive holograms across the city, and it even has a sustainable energy source - this Cyberpunk city might be prettier than CD Projekt Red's, despite the Polish company's influence on the project.

By Elysium Fire's description, this map is also set in the same year as Cyberpunk 2077. "It is 2077, and humanity is causing the world to suffer an unprecedented peak of pollution. It must face a new environment destroyed by an insatiable appetite for overconsumption. To survive, our kind had to make major ecological decisions, which it could never have foreseen in the past, but which have now become a reality.


"Discover this city that was built on the forgotten remains of the 21st century, with its megastructures splitting the skies, built chaotically one on top of the other. You will see its industrial zone that sorts its waste, its purification facility as well as its wind farms coupled with a revolutionary transformer that amplifies this unlimited source of energy. Stroll through the port that receives enough food to feed the huge population of this city that could not otherwise provide for itself."

The map is actually downloadable if you're interested in seeing it up close and personal, however, its size and complexity make it prone to crashes warns the creators. If you're interested in playing the map yourself, it's available on Planet Minecraft, along with even more screenshots of the project which take our breath away. Great spot, PC Gamer

Featured Image Credit: Elysium Fire

Topics: News, Minecraft

Imogen Mellor
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