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Player Wipes Out 'Days Gone' Hordes Without Using A Single Bullet

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Player Wipes Out 'Days Gone' Hordes Without Using A Single Bullet

This Days Gone player shows off their skills in this astonishing video which sees entire Hordes eradicated with some very savvy survival instincts.


SpawnicusRex is a huge fan of the apocalyptic action-adventure title from SIE Bend Studio. Their YouTube channel is stacked with gameplay clips and snippets from the game, helping other players take down elite enemies, discover hidden loot, explore photo mode, and any other random exploits. Like shooting feather mattresses into oblivion. Anyway, SpawnicusRex is a dab hand at mopping up those Hordes of pesky Freakers that lurk in important locations across the map.

Though they're often immobile during the day and shamble together like a herd in the moonlight, a Horde is one of the greatest threats that Deacon could encounter on his journey. Also, the Horde's behaviour is dependent on its environment, so the player isn't able to approach every group with the same strategy and expect to emerge unscathed. Days Gone encourages a range of tactics to take them out, like fire which will rage through tightly-packed groups and thin out the Horde. High-capacity guns are another option, though their noise and lights will cause the undead to run full pelt for Deacon. However you like to play, I'll bet you've never seen anything quite like this.


At the Sawmill Horde, SpawnicusRex uses five minutes to set up their strategy. There are a maximum of 500 Swarmers to every one Horde, so patience and precision is everything. After taking Focus and Stamina Cocktails, they then lob a few Napalm Molotovs into the crowd. Suffice to say, this is an unpleasant wake-up call for the Horde, and they come shambling out to wreak havoc. The flames, however, are enough to tear through the group without the player needing to rely on heavy weapons. Once the inferno subsides, they return to the Sawmill, down another two Focus and Stamina Cocktails, and chuck another bomb into the stragglers while drawing them through narrow areas for chokepoints. 500 Swarmers? No sweat.

It's an impressive feat of environmental awareness, as well as the game's weapon wheel and how to maximise every item's efficiency. As Days Gone is part of the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5, these tricks are bound to be popular with veteran and new players alike.

Featured Image Credit: SIE Bend Studio

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Imogen Donovan
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