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Two New PlayStation 5 DualSense Colours Finally On The Way, Says Insider

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Two New PlayStation 5 DualSense Colours Finally On The Way, Says Insider

As one of the eight people in the UK with a PlayStation 5, I feel I'm fairly qualified to talk about Sony's next-gen console. I've spent dozens upon dozens of hours with it so far, and I very much like what I've seen and played - but it isn't without its issues.


Take the DualSense controller. Now, I love the DualSense with all my heart. I think it's an absolute wonder, and its many features add new touches of immersion to games that I'd previously never thought possible. My only real issue with it? It's kinda ugly.

Take a look at our review of the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal below!



I hate the white DualSense. I've long been of the opinion that white isn't a good colour for a video game controller. It gets dirty quicker and starts to show its age way faster than a sleek black or deep red model. It still seems wild to me that Sony didn't launch the PlayStation 5 with multiple colour schemes to choose from.

According to Spanish website Area Jugones (via Game Rant), Sony is planning to release two new colour schemes: red and black, and black and gray. Take this with a pinch of salt until it's officially confirmed, although Area Jugones has previously accurately reported on PlayStation leaks before - most recently the May 2021 PlayStation Plus games.

Up until now fans have had to make do with fan mockups and a number of unofficial coverings for the DualSense controller, although Sony hasn't made it easy for these to be sold. Clearly the company has always intended to make and sell its own official variants, but there are those of us who are getting a little impatient to see them unveiled. I'm also not sure it'll go down brilliantly when Sony announces a new range of controllers for a console people are still struggling to buy.

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