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Water Cooled PlayStation 5 Is A Thing Of Absolute Beauty


Water Cooled PlayStation 5 Is A Thing Of Absolute Beauty

You thought that the original PlayStation 5 looked a little weird? Well, get a load of this water-cooled version of the console instead. Modders have created a fully liquid-cooled version of the new console from Sony.


Spotted by VGC, this new project from custom PC modding mastermind Nhenhophach took over two months of work to build and get looking like a futuristic space ship. If you know anything about PCs versus consoles, you'd know that consoles aren't ever water-cooled and this is the first time I can remember seeing anything other than a PC using that cooling mechanism.

The Vietnamese creator had to completely deconstruct the console and then reassemble it with custom made parts specific for his vision, including an entirely new case. As VGC notes, from an engineering interview with 4Gamer last year - the original PS5 is huge because of its current cooling system.

The model that's comes as standard from Sony, had to cool the console which requires a large cooling system - alternative designs were possible but more expensive. A water-cooled system would also be smaller if Sony had chosen to go down that route, but again more complex and expensive to pull off so the PS5 is just huge instead.


The awesome YouTube video from modder Nhenhophach shows the entire process of making this build, and also how it compares to the looks of the regular PS5. And strangely enough it sort of almost looks like what we imagine the PlayStation 6 could look like when that comes out in, say, six-seven years?


This is one of the most impressive mods we've seen of the PlayStation 5 so far. As the consoles are still pretty difficult to purchase, it feels like a risk to completely deconstruct one in case anything goes wrong, but when you're a content creator, I guess destroying a PlayStation 5 makes pretty good content anyway. Most people are just settling for repainting their faceplates at the moment.

Featured Image Credit: Nhenhophach

Topics: PlayStation 5, News

Imogen Mellor
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