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Legend of Zelda Fan Is Building The Entire 'Breath Of The Wild' Map In 'Minecraft’

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Legend of Zelda Fan Is Building The Entire 'Breath Of The Wild' Map In 'Minecraft’

Words: Callum Williams


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Minecraft are two of the most acclaimed games of all time, eating up hundreds of hours of their fans' time and making everyone curse the developer who first invented degradable tools. So, what would happen if the two merged together?

This is a question currently being answered by Reddit user Dinaeh, who took to the social media site to show off their new Minecraft map which is entirely based on the world of Breath of the Wild. First spotted by the folks over at PCGamesN, Dinaeh has been hard at work shaping their Minecraft creation into a replica of the Legend of Zelda landscape, and so far, it looks pretty uncanny.

Although there's only a handful of screenshots showing off the recreation's environments, the Reddit user has uploaded a neat look at their Minecraft map as a reference point. From the expansive tutorial area of the Great Plateau to the imposing Death Mountain and frost-covered Mount Hylia, everything seems to precisely line up with the landmarks Link encounters throughout his 2017 adventure. A few of Hyrule's smaller islands are even present on the recreated map, such as the one players must escape during the excellent Stranded on Eventide shrine quest.


This isn't the first time we've seen what the world of Zelda might look like in Minecraft. Check out this take on Ocarina of Time in all its blocky glory:


For all those wanting to hop into the more blocky Hyrule, they're in luck, with Dinaeh telling a commenter on the post that they're currently aiming to turn the Breath of the Wild homage into a downloadable locale once it's completed. They even hint that they could go further with the replica, claiming: "I hope I can convince a builder to make me some shrines, ruins and stables to put around the map!"


There's no telling when the project will be complete, although it's definitely one to watch for fans of both games. While you wait, there are plenty more brilliant Minecraft creations to feast your eyes on, including a crazy cyberpunk metropolis and an in-game city constructed by professional builders. Someone even created all of Europe in the game, claiming it took them years of researching and mapmaking. Seriously, Minecraft players are operating on a whole other level...

Featured Image Credit: Dinaeh via Reddit / Nintendo

Topics: News, Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda

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